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What is Habito News

Habito News is a research tool that we use to investigate how to make a smartphone change its user interface to better suit the individual user.

We are particularly interested in how people read the news on smartphones and user interfaces for news apps.

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Habito News: A research tool to investigate mobile news reading

The research work behind Habito News involves monitoring user’s news reading behaviour, recognising patterns of such behaviour in order to building user models, and finally developing an automated adaptive user interface that would personalise news reading experience on mobile devices.

An overview of the research questions:

  • 1. How do people vary in accessing and reading the news on smartphones? What are the stereotypical news readers profiles?

    2. How can smartphones news apps detect and learn individual user’s patterns of interactions?

    3. How can smartphone news apps exploit a news reader profile to adapt its interface and interaction?

    4. How different users would benefit from different forms of a smartphone news app?

List of publications:

A sneak peek at our MobileHCI paper

Take home message:

  • Mobile news readers can reliably characterised within three types.
  • A preliminary analysis of user's interactions with Habito News showed the feasibility of automatic detection of user's newsreader type.
  • Different mobile newsreader types benefit from different forms of the app.

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Privacy Policy

Habito News is a research tool developed with the aim of improving peoples' news reading interactions. By downloading and using it, I agree to participate in a study that investigates mobile news reading behaviour, aiming to provide a more personalised news service. I understand that my participation is entirely voluntary.

I agree with the following points:

  • 1. The purpose of this research is to understand peoples' news reading behaviour and ultimately provide automated user interfaces that personalise news reading experience.
  • 2. I understand that I will fill in a short survey after registering with Habito News and I will provide my interaction logs for the period of the trial.
  • 3. The app runs a background service that collects your interactions with the user interface of the app. In any case the app does not monitor your interactions with other apps, so you do not have to worry about privacy issues.
  • 4. The researchers do not foresee any risks to me for participating in this study, nor do they expect that I will experience any discomfort or stress.
  • 5. I understand that I may withdraw from the study at any time. All of the data collected will remain strictly confidential.
  • 6. Only people associated with the study will see my responses. My responses will not be associated with my name; instead, my name will be converted to a code number when the researchers store the data.

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